Hi! I’m Theresa. I like stories—not just books. I’m trained in how to edit stories, design books, and help people get their projects to the right audience. Or, at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what this MA in writing and book publishing is for. Either way, it’s what I do.

I love novels, manga, webcomics, podcasts, and videogames. Tamora Pierce’s books were super formative for me, especially The Song of the Lioness quartet. My favorite novels include The Night Circus, The Martian, and Frankenstein.

My first videogames included Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and .hack//. The PS2 is still my go-to system, even today. It’s got such a big library! Currently playing Persona 5, replaying Horizon: Zero Dawn, and waiting for Devil May Cry 5 to finally come out.

Manga is a medium, just like comics. I’ve been reading them ever since figuring that out in middle school. Some of my favorite manga include Mars, Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cardcaptor Sakura.

When it comes to comics, I love Sunstone, the Lumberjanes, Lady Killer, and I can’t get enough of the Avatar comics, both TLA and The Legend of Korra. I read a lot of webcomics too, like The Glass Scientists, Always Human, and Missing Monday.

All podcasts are amazing, but especially the ones that are chock full of realistic queer characters. So again, all of them. I’m very partial to Within the Wires.

I like to write too. I write personal essays about what it’s like to be a bi lady, but I prefer fiction. My favorite genres to write are science fiction and cyber/solar/steampunk, but I like fantasy, inclusive historical fiction, and progressive contemporary stories too. In particular, I like writing about people who are anything but straight, cis, white, and male. I’ve spent a long time cross identifying to that perspective, and I’d rather try to accurately represent a gay, black, trans woman’s perspective instead.

I like helping other people tell their stories too. I aim to uplift marginalized voices in particular, such as women, people of color, and people of the queer community. If you’re one of those, or your story is about someone like that, let’s talk about your story and how to get it to the people who desperately want to read it!

I’m a good fit for: people with inclusive, progressive stories who are serious about putting their work before their egos.

I’m not a good fit for: anyone who still thinks I’m straight after reading all of this.