Creative and Academic Work

Most of these will speak for themselves.

Both of the academic samples included revolve around Japanese manga. The design paper focuses primarily upon the cover and interior design elements of manga, while my graduate thesis centers around the editorial, design, and lettering elements involved in the adaptation of manga from its Japanese tankoban form to the American manga volume.

My articles include one written for Bleeding Cool on a live performance of a crossover show between the podcasts Welcome to Night Vale and The Thrilling Adventure Hour (which was written after a series of interviews at Emerald City Comic Con, 2014), my own blog where I write about food and stories from many different mediums, and the graduate blog I contributed to during my studies in the Portland State University Book Publishing program.

Last are the miscellaneous things. Taylor, Abridged is a personal essay submitted to and published by Bi Women Quarterly. I am a regular contributor to the magazine, but was particularly proud of this piece because it went on the first page of the publication. Yourself to Scale is a spoken word poem that I wrote and recorded during my time in graduate school. I don’t often write poetry, but I do enjoy it. I’m A Terrible Feminist is the podcast I started with my friend David in 2013. We felt that even people concerned with gender inequality sometimes spread it by accident through thoughtless words and actions—so we made a podcast about it. We garnered a small following before our different schedules forced us to retire the podcast. Plus, neither of us are fantastic sound engineers. I apologize in advance for any listening difficulties.

Blog Posts and Articles