In this section you’ll find three separate pieces and two types of editing.

Pollen is a short story I did a copy edit on for a friend. Although this is mostly a copy edit, my friend asked me to make developmental editing suggestions as well if something stuck out. You’ll find a few comments within that lean towards narrative design. My friend was particularly concerned with projecting her own voice onto the voice of one of her characters, so I made sure to prioritize that. Copy editing is something I take a rather hands-off approach with. I prefer to point things out and make suggestions unless I am sure of the author’s intent. As a writer, I hate it when editors assume they know what I want and edit my text directly. I often find suggestions more helpful and more polite, so I tend to offer them when copy editing unless I have great reason to change the text directly. Proofreading is where the gloves come off and I start correcting without commenting.

Siblings and Other Disappointments is a collection of short stories we acquired during my years at Ooligan Press. I supplied a developmental edit for three stories out of the collection. Aside from being able to follow along with my commentary on the three stories I edited for this collection, I have also included the developmental letter that was sent to the author.

Subsurface is a comics script that I also supplied with a developmental edit. This author and I met in person to discuss the edits I made to his script, so there is no developmental letter included with this entry. The script is included to illustrate the difference between the things one must be on the watch for when editing a script as opposed to editing prose.

Siblings and Other Disappointments