This section contains varying things that don’t really make sense without their context.

The materials for Benchere in Wonderland were part of a mock publishing plan I created for my Book Marketing class in graduate school. The Roman Album: Samurai Champloo sales presentation was also created for that class. The idea was to take a published work and create materials as if you were marketing that text.

Blind Eye Books is a small company in Bellingham, WA that publishes gay and lesbian science fiction and fantasy novels and short story collections. I started as an editorial intern for them when I was an undergrad, and the head editor and owner kept me on as a freelancer to maintain a modest social media presence for them. Although a more aggressive strategy would serve them better, I post about once a week for them on both Facebook and Twitter.

The entries for Memories Flow in Our Veins are all from the launch event for the anniversary anthology Ooligan Press published with feminist publishing house Calyx Press. The launch event was a feminist trivia night. I created most of the questions, designed the slideshow we used to display the questions, and created the answer sheets for the event as well. I also managed the slideshow at the event, managing to keep the slides on the correct question despite our MC’s inability to project over the lively crowd. Thank goodness for my ability to read body language and lips! I helped him out by announcing the answers at the end of each round, as I am classically trained and able to project over many people without shouting. It was an exciting night. I always love a good launch party and a good audience.

Benchere in Wonderland Mock Publicity Plan
Blind Eye Books Facebook and Twitter
Memories Flow in Our Veins Feminist Trivia Launch Event
Roman Album: Samurai Champloo Mock Sales Presentation